Genome Designs Partners with SciDM Group

Securing High Performance Bioinformatics Tools for Internal Pipelines and Custom Projects

WALNUT CREEK, CA - February 7, 2012 - Genome Designs, Inc., custom genome annotation and metabolic modelling service provider, today announced a partnership with SciDM Group, a bioinformatics tools developer. Genome Designs will be using SciDM Group's high performance database engine, transcriptomics data processing pipeline, and high throughput sequence comparison technology. The tools will be used to augment Genome Designs' existing genome annotation pipelines and to boost custom software development projects for clients.

"SciDM Group strives to provide computational biologists with fast and flexible data management and bioinformatics tools, capable of keeping the pace with the progress of high-throughput data acquisition technologies, for example, with the recent avalanche of sequencing data," said Denis Kaznadzey, the leader of SciDM Group. "Our tools are free, most are open source and available for download from public repositories. However, they require integration with the client's system. Our partnership with Genome Designs goes beyond just another vendor-client relationship: they are planning to provide installation and integration services for our products".

SciDM Group's flagship product, a database management system, is a zero-maintenance object-relational database engine optimized for dealing with extremely large volumes of data. On typical bioinformatics tasks like sequence assembly and clustering, SciDM Data Manager operates thousands of times faster than conventional database engines, including popular commercial brands. Other tools by SciDM Group similarly allow considerable performance optimisation and subsequent gain in speed: QSimScan (Quick SIMilarity SCANner) performs 5 to 100 times faster than standard NCBI BLAST depending on search parameters, and EST pipeline efficiently converts raw transcriptomics data into normalised gene expression profiles.

"Since our beginning of operation, we have seen a considerable interest in our custom genome annotation and metabolic engineering services. However, our potential clients often needed more than that: we experienced a strong demand for custom software tools," commented Natalia Alexandrova, CEO of Genome Designs. "Originally, such projects have been beyond our scope, but our partnership with SciDM Group will allow us to shorten development cycles and deliver robust systems without changing the focus of the company, and to higher customer's satisfaction".

Email us for more information about Genome Designs. or visit SciDM's website for more information about SciDM Group.

About Genome Designs

Genome Designs, Inc. was founded in January 2012 with a mission to help life scientists generate value from their sequencing projects, from functional annotation and metabolic modelling to drug development and advancement of bioproduction. This privately owned contract research service company is headed by an experienced team with a good track record in bioinformatics tool development, unique experience in metabolic engineering, a network of scientific collaborators and prior experience in start-up company operations. Using proprietary software tools (GD Annotation Suite) and MPW database, the largest collection of metabolic pathways curated since the 1980s, Genome Designs provides genome annotation, pathway analysis and metabolic engineering services, and licenses metabolic designs to pharmaceutical and bioproduction companies.


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